Good Feng Shui Home and Foreclosures? – Bad Feng Shui!

by Linda Lenore on May 31, 2011

Looking for a new "good Feng Shui home" to purchase, a longtime client of mine contacted me for advice as most of the homes she was finding were "foreclosures". Since I have worked with this couple on several of their businesses and had evaluated their current home, it was easy for me to share with her the key factors necessary to evaluate a home for purchase.

First, let me give you a little background. I had worked with her on a previous home where much success had occurred. Then she bought another home without consulting me. (In the excitement of finding a beautiful home, unfortunately this situation often occurs.)

After moving in, their life became very challenging. Again, she contacted me. Since she doesn't live in my immediate geographic area, I made special arrangements to get to their home as quickly as possible to help correct as much as possible.

We found the home was not facing any of their "best directions". (Best directions are based on the Four Pillars Feng Shui School.) In fact, the home wasn't good for any of the family members in most regards. Everyone was having problems in several areas of their lives. We did figure find several things to do and change. Some landscaping was needed to accomplish this task.

She kept me posted as things greatly improved over the next few months. A year later she called to thank me for all the help I had provided them. The couple had decided to move to a different geographic location, again asking for my help. But finding the right home didn't happen. Then the timing wasn't right as the economy changed. So they stayed in the home.

Fast forward about 18 months. I had given her several guidelines for selling her home and purchasing another one. About a month ago I received a frantic call.

"Linda, we've sold our house and are looking for another one  in this area.  What do I need to keep in mind for consideration as I look for a 'good Feng Shui' home?"

As the conversation evolved, I told her about the "Armchair position" based on the school of Formation Feng Shui, which I have mentioned previously in my blog posts. She said she would look for a home based on those principles.

A few days later she called with an awareness she shared.

What she found was this -

Every "For Sale" house she viewed that was a "Foreclosure", was NOT in the "Armchair" position. They were on the downward side of a hill. EVERYONE! She said she had looked at dozens of them. I knew she would never forget this again and will find the right home for her success and happiness.

At that point she had realized how important the location of the home was in relationship to the land formations around it. The people who had purchased these homes did not have the financial support needed to make the payments.

Most of the time there is a direct correlation between the "backing of the house" and the "financial backing" the occupants experience to maintain it. Without the physical backing in the Feng Shui landscaping, the occupants don't have the support needed to live comfortably in the house.

Location! Location! Location! It's more than just the town or prestigious location that a buyer needs to address. It's the surrounding terrain. Personal Feng Shui landscaping needs to be included in the evaluation before purchasing a home - especially a "foreclosure".

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