Feng Shui Landscaping: Building Community & Meditation

by Linda Lenore on May 10, 2011

Feng Shui landscaping (pronounced fung shway) is different then regular landscaping - there are reasons for doing everything. It's not just creating a landscape plan. It's more about what you want to create in your life! The focus for my Feng Shui landscaping was to create a way for building community while having a place for mediation.

Feng Shui landscaping is having an awareness of, and working with, the land and creatures. There are Feng Shui symbols in the shapes, areas, colors, plants and statues - just to name a few. Each object emits an energy or vibration that attracts or repels according to its nature.

In my last post, I shared about the "armchair position" in Feng Shui landscaping, which is sometimes called "Formation Feng Shui". According to it, living on a corner lot is "Bad Feng Shui". When I first moved into this home over 20 years ago, I was grateful to have a place to live.

The fact it was a corner lot was far from my level of interest or consciousness. I wasn't thinking about the seven lawns that needed to be mowed. Nor was I thinking about the exposure on two sides to automobile traffic and people walking. Back then, it had very tall plants all around the edge to hide the house.

At that point in my life it was perfect as I was hiding from the world to regain my center, self-confidence and nurture myself. As nature would have it, within the next two years, the lawn had died (the drought forced us to stop watering) and the  following winter's freeze killed the plants. Everything eventually had to be removed. I was exposed! The Universe knew I needed to be "seen" as I shared my Feng Shui study.

As I've shared, we've been "remodeling" for some time - a slow process. My focus has been on the interior Feng Shui design of the home. That's included the "Feng Shui clutter" - or more appropriate, "de-clutter" needed to improve the Feng Shui chi. But there have been a few opportunities to work towards my desired Feng Shui landscaping.

During the latest evolution of the yard, we removed the remaining front lawns creating a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat. What a joy! Watching the birds, bees and butterflies brightens my day. I can view them through my office window - a bay window my cat graciously shares with me.

Feng Shui landscaping for building community and meditation

Feng Shui landscaping created this pond and two Feng-Shui-correct water features plus a Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat as well as building community and invoking mediation.

Earlier today I was pulling weeds (yes, the Feng Shui lady has weeds in her yard - lots of them). As I was working, a lady (Marie) was walking two dogs - one hers, one her sons. She stopped to talk. As I had been leaning over far longer than my body desired, standing upright felt very good.

Marie shared how she loved to walking by our home. She said the first time she walked by, she heard the sound of water, yet couldn't see it. As she came closer to the house, she discovered the pond and our two waterfalls.

"I just love the sound of the waterfall", she said. "It takes me to a place of meditation. Any troubles I seem to have, melt away."

In that moment I knew I had created my dream through this Feng Shui landscaping.

What are the dreams you wish to invoke into your life? How can Feng Shui symbols like water fountains, plants, statues, stones, fish, frogs and cranes enhance our life? Would you like to learn more about these? If so, please let me know what interests you have or what you'd like me to cover.

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