Feng Shui Chi and the Art of Authenticity

by Linda Lenore on May 15, 2011

Feng Shui Chi is the "Life Force" energy in, through and all around us. (Feng Shui is pronounced "fung shway" and "chi" rhymes with "tea"). It includes our environments and every object on this planet. In Star Wars they say, "May the Force Be With You!"  Chi is this Universal Force or energy.

Last week I had several occasions to talk about Feng Shui Chi and the impact it has on our lives through our dwellings - especially our Feng Shui kitchens. Questions in classes I teach or presentations I give often lead us into diverse directions bringing up interesting topics and points-of-view. Here is such a situation.

In a class on bathroom and kitchen interior design, I explained how a product's energy can impact our lives through the energy it emits, with us needing to have products with "high vitality". During the ensuing discussion it was determined that certain people or objects sometimes drain us, while others make us feel more enriched and vitalized.

As I became more open and authentic with my personal experiences, the more connected I became with the students. They in turn asked deeper, more meaningful questions. The authenticity of the discussion was tangible.

Then on Saturday while attending the NSA/NC May meeting, I heard Mike Robbins' say, "Be Yourself: Everyone Else Is Already Taken," a talk based on his book by the same title - a book about "authenticity".

Mike Robbins' NSA/NC May meeting

Mike Robbins' presentation, "Be Yourself: Everyone Else Is Already Taken" at NSA/NC's May meeting. The presentation was an "authentic" success with people talking in the halls as to how they can use it and how quickly they plan to implement it into their lives. Additional success resulted in the selling of books, which in turn, will provide further reinforcement of the tools participants experienced during the meeting.

"Authenticity  is the buzzword of the moment," the opening sentence on the inside flap of the book states. "The message is loud and clear. Or is it? There is pressure from all around telling us it's more important to be liked and to fit in than to be who we truly are."

What a profound statement this is in regards to our homes! I can't tell you how many times I have walked into a client's home with not a visible clue as to who they really are or what matters most to them in their lives. No authenticity here!

Or maybe they don't know who they really are or how to be authentic! This was part of the discussion that occurred in the kitchen and bath interior design class.

Using Feng Shui info from many Feng Shui schools, I can determine the right Feng Shui tips for home usage to support people in their quest for an authentic life. These might be Feng Shui images or Feng Shui kitchen colors to create the right Feng Shui chi.

A book I recommend, which has helped me through some tough times along with helping me align with my authentic self, is Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Simple Abundance". If Mike Robbins' book is anything like his presentation, it would be a useful tool on one's quest to authenticity.

Part of the joy of doing Feng Shui architecture, Feng Shui design or Feng Shui decorating happens when a client excitedly contacts me sharing the mundane, magical and sometime mystical changes occurring in their lives - changes they never knew they wanted or expected to bless their lives.

This is the power of Feng Shui chi to support us during our search for what resonates with our heart and soul - the Art of Authenticity.

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