Entrances – Attracting Good Feng Shui Chi

by Linda Lenore on May 28, 2011

Attracting "Good Feng Shui Chi" is an art. It's not really that hard if you know some of the principles. Although the Feng Shui principles are easy, some of you reading my blog have asked me why I made the comments about this particular building in Chinatown.

So let's start with the Feng Shui entrance.

Good Feng Shui Chi Entrance

Good Feng Shui is achieved in the design of this entrance through several sources including the color, window placement and exterior greeters, or guardians, called Fu Dogs.

First, the color red is an activating and attracting color - our eyes are drawn to it. Red stands out, that's why fire hydrants and fire trucks are painted red. (That's also why women wearing red dresses are often the first to be asked to dance.)

Second, we have the placement of the octagon windows - the eight-sided windows - on either side of the doorway. This shape is considered to be very lucky as it is the shape of the Ba-Gua. The Ba-Gua represents the eight areas of our lives, the balance and interaction of these areas as well as being a symbol of good fortune.

Next, we have the "greeters," or guardians, on either side of the door. These "greeters" are Fu Dogs (or sometimes spelled Foo). They are actually lions, but they were called the Dogs of Buddha and the Chinese word for Buddha is "Fo". Henceforth, the Dogs of Buddha are sometimes call Fu Dogs.

Fu Dogs are considered protectors of sacred buildings and a defender of law. They are sacred symbols of peace, happiness and tranquility. They set the stage for a sanctuary of happiness. There is a male and female. The male plays with a ball that symbolizes the Earth, while the female holds a cub.

Lastly, the doorway is open and inviting with beautiful objects displayed by the door to entice people into the space. Yet, you cannot see into the building. There is an air of mystic, mystery and magic that beckons you into the interior. The sacred sanctuary awaits you, welcoming you to enter the place of peace, passion and power.

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