Song – A Gift to the World

by Linda Lenore on April 15, 2011

When you give a gift to the world, you get many gifts in return.

I just had the most delightful surprise. As I was getting water in the kitchen to water some potted plants outside, I heard the most beautiful singing. It wasn't in our house, but close by. I went out the back door, but it wasn't coming from the neighbors behind us. I opened the gate and peeked out front.

There, sitting on our bridge, was a young mother singing to her daughter.

When we first moved to this house and since it is on a corner, there were seven lawns. It was a lot to mow and certainly used a lot of water. But back then most of us didn't have an awareness of the value of water. I know I didn't. As we have shifted our consciousness and focused on more sustainable practices, we eliminated the lawns in front and created a wild life habitat. This includes a pond with waterfalls and lots of places for nature to nurture its creatures. I enjoy looking at this everyday as my office faces it.

I often see groups of children come each day to look at the fish in the pond. You see, we have several day care centers close by and they have "discovered" our refuge. Literally, they come in droves at least 3 times a day - rain or shine. The joy, wonder and laughter fill the air and my heart.

Sometimes they see me and wave. Sometimes I come out and talk with them. I can hear some of the conversations with the windows closed. Often there are questions. I love the responses the teachers give. If they don't have the answer and I know it, I'll take a break and share it.

But this is the first time I have heard singing. And I wasn't in my office, so I didn't know it was coming from the bridge. The sound of the water slashing over the rocks can be very loud, masking most noises, but I guess I was just in the right spot in the house to hear it.

The mother's voice was so pure and lovely. I hope she shares her gift more often - here as well as out in the world.

Mother singing on bridge

The gift of a mother's song

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