Green California Summit and Conference Unveils Forever “Go Green” Stamps

by Linda Lenore on April 22, 2011

On Tuesday (April 19, 2011) when I was at the Green California Summit and Exposition in Sacramento, the surprise during the opening keynote session was the unveiling of the "Go Green" stamps by the United States Postal Services. These are "forever" stamps, stamps that will be worth whatever the current First Rate cost to mail a letter will be - forever.

When I was sitting in the front waiting for the program to start, I was wondering why they had something covered with a banner from the postal service. After listening to Linda Adams, Secretary of the California Environmental Standards, there was a brief talk given by Sacramento's Mayor Kevin Johnson. He compared how going green has a lot in common with basketball - a game with which he is intimately knowledgable as an ex-professional. Then the Sacramento District Manager for the US Postal Services, Al Santos, stepped to the platform.

Santos shared some of the many ways the US Postal Service is doing its part to be "green". This includes having the largest Green Roof in New York City, possibly the largest fleet of electric cars and several buildings that are LEED certified. He hopes this group of 16  stamps will aid in bringing social awareness for the need to "Go Green".

The artist, Eli Noyes, then stood with Santos and Mayor Johnson as a board with enlarged pictures of the stamps were unveiled. Some of the stamps show energy efficiency ideas while others suggest ways to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information on this, please check my next blog post.

"Go Green" stamps unveiled at Green California Summit & Conference

Al Santos the USPS District Manager for Sacramento, Eli Noyes the artist who created the stamps & Sacramento's Mayor Kevin Johnson unveiling the "Go Green" forever stamps at the Green California Summit and Exposition

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