“Go Green” Stamps Unveiled by US Postal Service for Earth Day

by Linda Lenore on April 22, 2011

As I shared with you a little while ago, on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, the United States Postal Service unveiled a group of 16 stamps created by artist Eli Noyes to celebrate Earth Day 2011, which is today, April 22nd. I've included a picture of the board depicting the stamps.

Noyes says he had lots of fun coming up with the ideas for the green stamps. Ultimately he had over 25 different drawings to show ways for people to be more aware of the environment. For most of these ideas, Noyes was not only the artist, but the visionary who thought them up. In talking with him about the experience, his eyes lit up, a smile came to his face and a playful, child-like energy came upon him. You could tell he loved working on the project. A resident of San Francisco's Noe Valley, Noyes hopes he will have more opportunities to share these ideas.

The 16 ways that were chosen for the stamps are:

Buy local produce, reuse bags

Fix water leaks

Share rides

Turn off lights not in use

Choose to walk (including walking a dog)

Reduce our environmental footprint step by step


Let nature do the work (clothes hanging on a clothes line in the fresh air)

Recycle more

Ride a bike

Plant trees

Insulate the home'Use public transportation

Use efficient light bulbs

Adjust the thermostat

Maintain tire pressure

As a new celebrity, Noyes patiently signed the many envelopes prepared by the USPS to commemorate the event held at the Green California Summit and Exposition in Sacramento at the Convention Center. The theme for this year's event was "Green Paths to Economic Recovery". The envelopes include the logo design for the summit, one of the stamps, in bold letters "Go Green" and the official station stamp which says "Go Green Station, April 19, 2011, Sacramento CA 95814", and then Eli's signature. Unlike my signature, you actually can read his.

These are the images of the 16 pictures selected for the forever stamps for Earth Day 2011 and the theme "Go Green"

These are the 16 images selected for the new "Go Green" forever stamps unveiled at the Green California Summit and Exposition in Sacramento for this year's Earth Day celebrated on April 22, 2011

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