Feng Shui Tips for Home – Front Door

by Linda Lenore on April 13, 2011

Our Feng Shui Tips for Home start with a focus on the front door. The front door of our dwelling is the "mouth of chi" - the area that attracts energy to the home. We desire high-vitality, loving and beautiful energy.

A lot of people don't even use their front door. They park their cars in the garage, walking through the service door into their homes. This often lands them in a laundry room filled with dirty clothes, clothes needing to be folded and put away, household cleaning products (many of which are toxic), shoes, coats, shopping bags and who knows what else.

The real estate community would call the process I'm about to describe as creating "curb appeal". It would expand the focus to include the whole front yard and entrance. (I'll blog on this another time.)

Clean entrance and enhance with beauty.

Clean entrance and enhance with beauty.

Think of your front door as a magnet for what you want in life. Is it clean? Orderly? Beautiful? Does it have a bright color - one that is known to catch your attention like red or yellow? Does it give you the feeling of abundance? Hopefully all of your answers were "YES!" since  that's what we want.

I do my best to practice what I preach. So today I took inventory of my front door. I walked out, looked around and decided what might enhance the area. The goal is to get rid of any stagnant energy left from the winter as well as last year. Optimally, we want to stimulate the joy and abundance this new year promises to bring us. (Read my earlier blogs on "The Year of the Rabbit".)

Guess what I found? There was still a decorative pumpkin hidden behind a planter. It's now gone. Tomorrow I'll completely clean the entrance by sweeping the door, stoop and walkway. But today - a trip to the nursery.

It yielded  bright yellow daffodils for health and joy, miniature bright pink roses for energy and abundance, a flowering jasmine sweet with nectar - the hummingbirds and bees will love it - and a couple of bunny planters filled with flowers.

Now my heart is as full of joy, beauty and the nectar of life as my Feng Shui front door.

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