Feng Shui for Realtors – T-intersection & death in home

by Linda Lenore on March 8, 2011

Yet again, I had a realtor contact me, wondering why she is having trouble selling a home to Asian buyers. If you are a realtor who has Asian buyers, sell in areas with Asian buyers or just want to know more about Feng Shui and its affects on land and properties, read on!

Here is how the question was put and the discussion began.

Q- "I have a new listing in (name of town) that is on a T intersection and I am getting a lot of feedback that the buyers are not interested because of the T. Anything I can do about it? Also, someone died in the house, mostly of old age."

A- "Asian buyers who know anything about Feng Shui will NOT be your buyers, which means that your potential buyers will not be willing to "bid" on the place. Don't expect multiple offers unless it is a great property that Western buyers would love.

"From an energy perspective, yes, there are things you can do, but your Asian buyers don't believe they will work. If 'Mom & Dad' or 'Grandmother & Grandfather' are helping with the financing, even if the younger generation doesn't believe in Feng Shui, the older ones do and won't invest in it.

"As for the death, it doesn't matter to Asian buyers whether it was old age or not - it is a death. (The Asian culture has mixed perspectives - if their grandparents die from old age in a house and they inherit it, that's good. If an older person dies in a home they are thinking about buying, that's bad.)

"Market the home to Middle Eastern families and Caucasians. Most don't care. I don't know if an evaluation from a Feng Shui perspective would help you in any way as minds are made up regarding this."

This was the start of the conversation. I'll write more over the next few days.

AND please contact me for more information! (Linda@GreenChiDesigns.com or 650-368-5532). Also, I have a class I teach titled, "Understanding Feng Shui", which every real estate agent should take. View my website at: http://GreenChiDesigns.com


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