Clutter in the Year of the Rabbit

by Linda Lenore on March 2, 2011

Clutter is one of the biggest challenges many of us have - keeping us from attracting the abundance, joy and peace we desire in our lives, especially this Chinese New Year. In a previous post I talked about the Chinese New Year and Money Magnets to help you set the stage for welcoming this Year of the Rabbit. Refer to it for some tips.

A few weeks ago I helped my friend Kathleen Ronald of Speaktacular! - - during one of her fabulous presentations. I think you'll like the title: "Start Your Own Economic Turnaround!"

In her presentation she talks about types of clutter and how it can touch our lives in 19 areas. She requests you commit to clearing clutter 1 hour a week to start your economic turnaround. Her clients' testimonials and my personal experience hold credence to this statement.

Just seeing clutter makes us feel tired. When trying to find something, we lose time, energy and positive feelings about ourselves. Sometimes this brings up feelings and issues holding us in the past. The reasons behind clutter are many.

If a client has clutter, judge not. We don't know the story behind it. I've had clutter many times in my life. If you've got it, please be gentle on yourself. It has taken a period of time for it to show up. Give yourself some time to release it. If you need help, there is a wonderful organization to provide help - the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). You can go to their website for a list of certified professionals to support you: or in the San Francisco Bay Area go to:

In my teleseminar last Thursday hosted by Kathleen, I discussed the Year of the Rabbit. During this year it's imperative we rid clutter from our lives. I gave a challenge to attendees. Already one has shared how she reluctantly was releasing suggested items when she received a large contract.

If you'd like to know more, please contact me for the recording at: or call me at: 650-368-5532

This year commit to releasing clutter from your life!  It's a year of abundance and joy. Trust the Universe to provide you with all you need!

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