Money Magnets: Red Envelopes & The Law of Attraction

by Linda Lenore on February 2, 2011

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Red Envelopes are handed out to coax prosperity to those lucky enough to receive them from family and friends. The tradition of giving Red Envelopes with money in them to children, family members and at special occasions like weddings is to encourage the attraction of money into the recipient's life ensuring a year of prosperity. The amount of money within the envelope varies. I've received them with $1, $.25, $.01, $20 and more. As part of the tradition, you are to keep the Red Envelope in your pocket, purse or on you as a "money magnet"! This was one of the first "Law of Attraction" examples I had heard.

Then I remembered reading in "The Riches Man in Babylon" about keeping a money pouch close at hand (a pouch worn at the waist). I remember we are to "fatten thy purse" by adding money to it regularly as a symbol of our prosperity. This is another way to create a "money magnet". When you gather so much that the "purse" can't hold anymore, take some and put it inside your home. That will attract more money to the household.

In the first example, we are not to spend the money all year long, that way we will never be broke. In the second example, we actually are being proactive in contributing and accumulating our wealth.

Another tradition from the Asian culture I have adopted relates to paying debts. To start the New Year fresh and unencumbered by debts, we pay off all debts. In this economy that may not be possible, yet is it a goal for which to strive. Even if it is just a small debt you pay off, it will make you feel better. Within the last month I've even heard a couple financial advisors suggest doing this. It shows your intention to pay for products and services rendered. Then the Law of Attraction will respond by bringing more money into your life for you to be able to reduce your debts.  When I first heard this, I made it a goal to do just that. As I paid more, I received more money. Each year I've paid off debts before the New Year starts, it seems the following year has been even more prosperous for business as well as personally. Try it!

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