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by Linda Lenore on February 3, 2011

As promised, I want to give you a little information I heard today about interior design websites, virtual interior design and environmental architecture. This information is from showrooms, speakers and their seminars as well as "talk in the halls." Most see an improvement in the interior design business and are optimistic about the coming year.

Jeff Lewis - the star of Flipping Out - was the opening presenter at Design San Francisco at the San Francisco Design Center. (I'll get a photo of him up on my Facebook page soon.) Although he is a well known celebrity, he also has a business to run. A few of his comments will work for any business and every individual. Some of these are also topics I have mentioned. First, things are better this year than in 2008-2009. Second, downsize. (Remember I said to release anything you can physically, which would include objects and houses, if necessary.) Third, only work with people you like. Life is too short to spend your precious energy and resources on those that don't appreciate them. AND, as part of that, "When one door closes, another one opens".

Designers need to revamp their websites as they are the new "portfolios". David Duncan Livingston showed examples of some of his work while giving great examples of how to use websites to attract business. Virtual interior design is more of a reality with many new products and software available. Environmental architecture is growing. Savvy Internet shoppers are educating themselves about the many "shades of green". The over 40 audience still asks their friends about the latest and greatest, while the under 40's "surf the web".

Mary Hoffman's presentation on color trends for 2012 show signs of browning, greening, and bluing. I'll need to address "color" at a later time to give justice to the details. Let's just say that mauve will be appearing in the next few years. (Aren't you glad you saved all those items?!) Look for lots of ethnic patterns, traditional handiwork, pride of heritage (including the American flag), atomic kitchens and the journey to enlightenment as themes and trends for the future and my blog.

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